SCP-079 - An open-source, public welfare project aiming to provide a complete set of ad-blocking, malicious user-blocking, and automatic management solutions. Through the source code of SCP-079, anyone can create a series of feature-rich group management bots.

ESI Project Backend - A resource sharing system can provide cross-library catalog searching and interlibrary loan request service. This project is the back-end of the system, written in Java, using the Spring framework, and provides RESTful style APIs. It is deployed on Heroku and can be tested according to the project README.

ESI Project Frontend - This is the frontend of the library sharing system mentioned above, using Vue.js as the JavaScript framework. The frontend consumes the backend APIs, and provides a user-friendly interface. It is also deployed on Heroku, and for the login credentials information please check the backend project README. Demo link

Takso - An online taxi booking system. The project is written in Elixir, using Phoenix as the web framework , follows the TDD process, and supports both passenger and driver to login. It supports automatic booking matching based on estimated cost and driver workload.